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Frequently Asked Questions

What all places are covered in the Roam?

It all depends on you. Our roamer will help in designing the best roam suited for you, as per you. You can let him/her know the places you have in mind and he/she will make sure to include it!

What is the duration of the Roam?

The duration of the Roam depends on the places you plan to visit, which will be decided beforehand.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point for the Roam is decided by mutual consent of the Roamer and Explorer, and will be point close to the first place being visited in the Roam.

Who will be my Roamer?

All our Roamers are continuously filtered based on past reviews and feedback to ensure the best experience for every Explorer, and are allocated to Explorers by our team.

How do I change my Roamer?

While you can mail us a request to change your Roamer at contact@qro.co, it will be subject to availability of Roamers. 

How does the pricing work?

The amount paid online includes the first hour of the roam. The rest of the amount is paid directly to the Roamer via cash, once the Roam ends. 

It is per hour, and not per person. The per hour rates vary with different group sizes

How much do I have to pay, if I do not complete an additional hour? For example my Roam duration is 2 hours 33 minutes.

The hourly costs are rounded up to the higher hour. So you will be paying for 3 hours (with the first hour amount being paid at the time of booking)

What all is included in the amount I pay at the time of booking?

It includes:

1. First hour of the roam

2. Qro Cap

3. Travel Brochure

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