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Become a Roamer Now!

What Does a Roamer Do?

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Design and Plan a Roam along with an Explorer
Talk and Engage with the Explorer
Earn and Enjoy while Travelling

A Roamer is responsible for designing the roam along with the explorer, based on the preferences and constraints provided.

It is the Roamers responsibility to make the roam exciting! This is done by constantly engaging and talking with the explorer!

Earn some pocket money while you roam and explore the local areas! What better way to earn money than enjoying while you do so!

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Who is a Roamer?

A roamer is a student guide who is well aware of the local places, and is responsible for designing the roam with a tourist.

Why Be A Roamer?
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Earn while you Roam and Explore

There is no better way to earn money than simply roaming and exploring your local city!

Meet New People

Get ready to meet new people, as you travel and explore the local city with them!

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Manage Free Time Productively

Manage your free time productively, while at the same time, get the experience of actual business world!

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