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How Does It Work?

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Select the Date and City of Your Travel

Enter the date you are travelling, the place of travel, and the preferred time when you want to start your tour.

No Pre-paid charges involved.

The roam works on a per hour charge, not a per person charge. At the time of booking, you do not need to pay anything, pay everything to the roamer only when the roam is completed.

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Discuss and Design Your Roam With Your Roamer

Once the booking is confirmed, you will be allotted a roamer within 24 hours and you can start planning your travel! 

Get Going, Book Now!
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Inclusions and Exclusions

Your roam includes:

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Delhi Travel Guide 

Your roam does not include:

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Travel Cost
Tips and Gratuities
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Personal Expense
#NoPlastic Initiative!

Qro aims to be a complete plastic free company. For this reason, we do not provide Mineral Water since they are available only in plastic bottles.

We advise all our Explorers to carry their own water bottles, and take part in saving the Earth. No Avengers or Justice League are coming to save us this time!


Travel Suggestions

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Meeting Point

Setup a meeting point which is easily accessible to both you, as well as the roamer. 

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Communication is key. Let your roamer know in advance about your preferences for travel. 

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Eat Local

Relish the real culture of a city, and make the full use of your roamer for suggestions!

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Make sure your roamer is aware about any medical issues, or any allergies you might be facing.

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Travel is best enjoyed with a smile on face. Be happy and cheerful and have a great time!

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Contact us anytime for any assistance.  We are here to help and make your roam memorable!

Cancellation Policy

Booking made by Explorer shall be non refundable and no amount shall be refunded to the Explorer in case of any cancellation by the Explorer.

However, if the Roamer cancels the booking and we are unable to arrange for a substitute Roamer, then we shall refund the amount to the Explorer. 

Get Going, Book Now!
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