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We are here to REVOLUTIONISE the way you TRAVEL
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Affordable Travel

Our mission is to provide the best travel experience, where money should not be a barrier.

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Help Students Be More Productive

We aim to provide a productive way to students to manage their free time, and enjoy as well!

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Make Travel More Local and Authentic

Nothing is better than experiencing the true colours and culture of a city. Make your trip count!

Travel has never been more fun, spontaneous, and authentic!
Why Students
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New and Different

Step away from the mainstream tour guides, and become part of a new experience, which will leave you with memories to cherish!


Students are experienced in roaming. They know the city in and out, and would make for an ideal travel companion!

Casual and Exciting

Forget the professionals, make your travel more casual, fun, enjoyable, and get going with a college student!

Meet The Team
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